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I soooo love this time of year. Christmas to me is just a magical time and a great way to form lovely Family Traditions for the children. We love getting crafty, as the days grow shorter and colder. Above all we love making Christmas Ornaments and making gifts for family. Giving us a crafting session and thrifty gift in one!

I would love to share 5 of our thrifty ideas this Christmas!

Loo Roll Santa

I love crafting with “Loo Rolls” – they are plentiful and surprisingly versatile. If not loo rolls, use kitchen rolls or at this time of year the cardboard tubing inside a roll of wrapping paper. Then turn your loo rolls into Snowmen Craft or Santa Crafts or better still an adorable Rudolph craft. Job done. Kids delighted! We play Snowman Bowling with ours!


DIY Advent

There is still time to sort out a quick DIY Advent Calendar – especially if you use this little idea – yep, just get some festive or pretty paper cups and you are almost done! Check out our Advent Calendar hangout for ideas of “what to put in” – it doesn’t always have to be chocolate! I love it best when advent is “free” and about activities (e.g. let’s watch a movie together) rather than “things”.


Saltdough Ornaments

Check out our easy and reliable Salt Dough Recipe and make Christmas Decorations with them. We made some simple hearts using cookie cutters. But the possibilities are endless (or at least as endless as the number of cookier cutters you have at home!). We love using hearts, Christmas trees and gingerbread men to make ornaments. Too cute


Thrifty DIY Gift of the Year

This year I am all into these simple Chook Doorstops! Ours was made from an old pair of jeans and I want to make a pinstripe one soon from hubby’s old suits (you know, the one that can be given to charity as it has holes in all the wrong places). It has cost me only the price of a bag of rice and the rest is all recycled. And I think they look great. Give them to an aunty or a child (my son is already coveting this one). A great homemade gift and the pattern is SO EASY, it would make for a great first sewing project for a child!


 Cookies as Gifts

We do love to bake at this time of year too and have a number of traditional cookie recipes that we love to make year on year. What child doesn’t love to bake? And they learn so much from it – all about measuring and weighing and the basic kitchen science of cooking things. They also get to learn about sharing and giving – once the cookies are ready, we like to give some to our friends and neighbours!


On a final note…

This year we are going to give “The Gift of Creativity”. The idea is to create “Basic” and “Jazzed up” Craft Kits that you can put together yourself – and then, if you wish, add a copy of Red Ted Art the book and you will have a fabulously creative gift – both original and different! What do you think? You don’t need much in a basic craft kit, especially if you add recycled materials and finds from nature…. I love to add pinecones, stones and recycled fabric to our basic craft kit to get the kids think creatively about things they can find and reuse.


1234567About the Author: Maggy Woodley, is a crafty mum of two! She loves everything about crafts and loves nothing better to recycle and forage for craft materials –making crafts economical and fun. Maggy also writes at Life at The Zoo about cooking with kids, gardening and sciency “stuff” and Theatre Books and Movies for well, theatre, book and movies! Red Ted Art, is also now being translated into German, Spanish and Russian for more people to enjoy! Do check them out!

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