Over to you – How do you celebrate Christmas in your house?

how do you celebrate Christmas

I love to hear about how other people celebrate Christmas in their home so I thought it would be a nice idea to ask someone different every week to tell us about their Christmas.  First up is the rather lovely Maggy from Red Ted Art….

What’s your name? Maggy

Where do you blog?   Red Ted Art is my main blog. It is all about crafts. I also have Life at The Zoo (for general family things, with lots of Cooking With Kids, some Sciency stuff and Days Out!) and Theatre’s Books and Movies! I am a blog addict and am now experimenting with Red Ted Art in GermanSpanish and Russian!

What’s your Twitter name (if you’re on Twitter)? @redtedart

Who’s in your family? Our online Aliases are “The Englishman”, my hubby, Red Ted, my 5yrs old son and Pip Squeak my 3 year old daughter

Are you organised or do you leave everything to the last minute? I am very organised, last minutes makes me feel stressed and bleurgh

What’s your favourite part of the build up to Christmas? I LOVE Christmas Crafts – especially ornaments. I love making with the kids and giving these as small gifts to the grandparents. We also ADORE baking Austrian Christmas cookies (again they make nice small gifts for friends or neighbours)

Do you have any family Christmas traditions? The aforementioned Christmas Biscuits, that we start baking towards the end of Nov and into Dec. We TRY and make a gingerbread house each year, but don’t hold me to that! Also we love celebrating 3 Kings Day on the 6th Jan. We sort of a hodge podge of Austrian and English traditions.

What happens on Christmas Eve in your house? We celebrate! Christmas Eve is our “main Christmas”. So we get together, have some bubbly, open presents and then have a buffet supper.

Who cooks Christmas Dinner and what do you normally have to eat? My husband (I put my feet up). We often have goose, but sometimes ham.

Who washes the pots? My father in law (I put my feet up…. Hehehehe)

Tell us about Christmas morning in your house. Unfortunately it starts FAR TOO EARLY as the kids are excited about their Christmas stockings (told you we had a hodge podge), so they start rustling around in them at the crack of dawn.

What do you do after Christmas Dinner? Relax!

Boxing day – Hit the sales or chill out? Chill out for sure. Sometimes we go to the inlaw’s house (as they like us to see their tree!)

When do you take the tree down? 12 days after Christmas

What’s the worst part of Christmas? Uhm, feeling stuffed? Maybe having to tidy up the living room and KEEPING it tidy, so we can actually use it properly.

And the best part? Having everyone around. “The magic”. The food.

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us Maggy x

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