Have a very ‘Appy Christmas – Fake call from Santa….

appy Christmas

If you’ve got young children then the chances are you’ve probably pretended that Santa’s on the phone at some point or another – I know I’ve done it plenty of times but this year I’m going to be doing it in style ;-)

There’s a free app available called Fake Call from Santa and once you’ve downloaded it, you just hit start and it starts playing a sleigh bell tune and displaying the following screen:

photo (1)

So you can show the kids that Santa’s on the phone before you answer it although clearly Santa is way too busy to come to the phone at this time of year so there’s no one on the other end of the phone but they don’t need to know that.

If you click answer, the following screen is displayed:

photo (2)

So now you can have your one-sided conversation with Santa and they’ll be none the wiser ;-)

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