Different ways you can contact Santa (for free)….

One of the most magical parts of Christmas to me has always been the letters that the kids have written to Santa.

We usually write them at the start of December and hang them on our tree as we have two small felt envelopes addressed to Santa on the tree and at some point soon after we hang them up, they disappear and the kids think that one of Santa’s elves has been to collect them and take them to the main man.

What actually happens is a little different though ;-)

Generally, I take the letters our of the envelopes and use the Royal Mail Santa Service to send them to Santa.  If you  make sure that your letter includes your child’s name and address and a stamp before the 6th December then Santa will try and write back.

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

To make a more personalised letter you could try making up your own letter from Santa using Free Letters From Santa or a site like Picmonkey has lots of Christmas backgrounds and stickers to use.

If you’d prefer you can  e mail Santa which is really quick and easy and we’ve always had a really quick reply from him when we’ve done this.

There’s even a live child friendly tweet stream – which isn’t really on Twitter as it’s the North Pole’s version of Twitter.

And don’t forget Portable North Pole where you can get a free video message from Santa.

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