Cheap Pashminas for under £2.00….

Last year I bought three pashminas off eBay as stocking fillers and they were great little gifts – they each cost under £2.00 (different colours can vary in price a little) and were all great quality.  I didn’t save the sellers details but I *think* it was this one because they’re all a similar price to what I paid and the feedback that this seller has is quite good as well.  I know that there is a seller on Amazon who sells similar if you prefer Amazon to eBay but the feedback isn’t so good so I won’t link to them.

I used one of the pashminas as a teacher’s present and one was wrapped and given as a little extra present for someone but the third one I was a bit more creative with.  For a girly night in hamper that I was making, I crumpled some paper and put it in the bottom of the box I was using for the hamper.  I unwrapped the hamper and arranged it over the paper so it made a pretty base for the hamper and then I added in the gifts which were a face mask, some bubble bath and body lotion, a mini bottle of wine and a pretty nail varnish.


I know for this price they’re not actually pashminas as I think they’re made out of a certain type of (expensive) material but for this price, I’ll let them off!


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