Homemade Christmas Card Wall….

Every year when we unpack the Christmas tree decorations we seem to have about twice as much as we remember packing away.

We had so much last year that we decided to be ruthless and not use everything we had otherwise the downstairs of our house would have closely resembled a Santa’s grotto for the month of December ;-)

One thing I couldn’t not put up though would be all of the lovely Christmas cards that the kids have made over the years – each one of them is different and was made with love and Christmas excitement. ¬†They show how much they’ve grown up over the years and every year when I get them out, I sit and look through them all with a smile.

I display them all on my Living room door so everyone who comes in to the house sees them and almost everyone comments about how lovely they all look together.


I can’t wait to add this years to the collection….

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