Activity Advent – Make a paper Christmas Wreath….

paper christmas wreath

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a wreath, is it?

We have a lovely homemade wreath that Jen made us last year with dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks and a big lovely red bow on it but the kids wanted to make their own version so we decided to make a paper one of our own.

As with most things we make, this is really simple to make and the kids can get as creative as they want which is the idea of Christmas crafting.


First you need to cut our a circle of card like in the first picture.  I used green card but it doesn’t really matter as i gets covered up anyway so a folded out cereal box or card from a cardboard box would be OK too.  I used a dinner plate and casserole dish lid to draw around for mine.

Next you need to cut out some leaf shapes which is the fiddly bit.  I used sheets of green A4 paper and *may* have cheated a bit here as I folded each sheet of paper in half 3 times so I was cutting out 8 shapes at a time.

Then you can start sticking – my eight year old did all the sticking himself because it’s almost impossible to go wrong.  I just told him to go around the wreath following the pattern of one leaf pointing out one way, one leaf straight forward and the other leaf pointing out the other way like in the picture above.

The final part is the decorating which is where it gets messy.

We used a bit of glitter, some sticky shapes we had and added a lovely green ribbon at the top and I think the finished result looks lovely blu tac’ed to the door downstairs….


While we had the glitter out we decided to make a few decorations for the tree by drawing around some Christmas cookie cutters and decorating the shapes.  We glued some ribbon to the back and now they’re hanging on our tree making it look all sparkly….


There’s lots more Christmas Craft ideas here if you want to see what you can make.

Disclosure: we were sent a lovely craft pack to help us enjoy our Christmas crafting.

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