Activity Advent – Homemade chocolate Christmas tree decorations….


chocolate tree decs

Last year, the kids pestered me every time we went shopping in December to buy some chocolate decorations for our Christmas tree but I kept saying no as I really do begrudge paying £3 for just 9 little chocolates.

In the end though, we decided to make our own versions which not only saved us a little bit of money, it meant that our chocolates were bigger and we had fun making them.

We bought 12 of those Cadburys Magical Elves which if I remember rightly cost 20p each but were on offer at six for £1 and sellotaped a little bit of Christmas tree lametta to the back of it in a loop and voila, 12 hanging chocolate decorations for £2.00.

They’re bigger than the ready made ones, cheaper than them and they looked lovely on the tree:

homemade chocolate tree decorations

You could use plenty of other things too if you wanted to make your own versions.  Anything from the sweet aisle would be fine as long as it’s wrapped.  You could make smaller ones if you had a box of Roses or Quality Street around or some classy (but probably more expensive) ones using Ferrero Rocher.

Just remember to put them higher up the tree out of reach of animals and small children ;-)

activity advent

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