A great homemade gift – Snowman Soup….

snowman soup

I’m not against homemade presents in any way but I do like them to look well presented and not look too homemade if you know what I mean.  Snowman soup is my favourite homemade present because it’s not only easy to make, it’s easy to make it look good!

To make your own make Snowman Soup gifts you’ll need enough hot chocolate powder to make two mugs, a bag of mini marshmallows, some chocolate sweets (buttons or caramel nibbles are perfect), a candy-cane, two cellophane cone bags per gift (try ebay or Hobbycraft) and some curling ribbon to make it all look pretty.

Tip the hot chocolate into the base of one of the cones and use a little bit of the ribbon to tie the bag up.

Cut the cellophane just above where you’ve tied the bag as in the picture below.

Slot the hot chocolate filled bag into the larger cellophane bag and top with a good handful of the marshmallows – try and arrange them so you completely cover the knot at the top of the hot chocolate bag.

 Next add a layer of chocolate buttons to the bag – not too many but enough that they make a clear layer in your bag.

Use some of the curling ribbon to tie the bag up just above the chocolate buttons – I like to use a couple of different Christmassy colours just to make it look nice.

Use some more of the ribbon to hook a candy cane on to the top of the bag.

You can then print out a gift tag or get the kids to make one themselves – I use something like the one below just so people know what the gift is and how to make it ;-)

This is a great gift for grandparents, teachers and friends and I know of someone who makes them to sell at craft fairs at this time of year!  You could even add a special mug to drink it out of to make it more of a special gift if you want to but it really is lovely exactly as it is!

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